Independent Review Validates EB Control’s Architecture

EBI released the findings of a third-party architectural review of EB Control, its patent-pending, zero-trust data protection solution. The review, conducted by Bridgery Technologies LLC, found that EB Control’s architecture enables it to withstand both common internet attacks and other malicious external threats. The assessment also stated that the cloud servers used for EB Control are significantly hardened.

Everything Blockchain Inc. Launches EB Control

EBI launches EB Control, its patent-pending, zero-trust data protection solution. Developed by Everything Blockchain’s subsidiary Vengar Technologies, EB Control enables the original data owner to retain control of who, when, how and where their data can be accessed. Strong encryption-based protections travel with the data, no matter where the data goes or how it gets there, whether via email, chat, content sharing platforms, cloud storage or other means. EB Control is secure by design and is the only application that balances a unique combination of features and functionality across the lifecycle of an owner’s data.  

Everything Blockchain Gains International Foothold

EBI announces a partnership with Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm, a pioneer in the field of legal advice and services. Through Oikonomakis, Everything Blockchain is poised to continue expanding its global footprint and providing support for customers in multiple international markets.

Everything Blockchain Files Patent for EBI Blockchain Drive

Patent application filed for EBI Blockchain Drive (EB Drive). EB Drive, among the first blockchain-enabled ransomware solutions, will empower enterprises to protect themselves against the threat posed by the ever-increasing problem of ransomware attacks.