Tap the benefits of blockchain and our other platforms of trust to solve critical business issues.In a world of heightened customer expectations, an accelerated pace of innovation, and where speed to market is critical to long-term success, partnerships play an integral role in delivering customer value and operating with speed and agility. No one company can do it alone. At Everything Blockchain, Inc (EBI) creating strategic partnerships helps us build on our mission to provide the building blocks that empower blockchain for the real world.

Build deeper relationships with your customers and help attract new ones with EBI solutions and services. Add value to your customers and take advantage of revenue opportunities too.

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Develop on the EB Build platform

Help create a trust ecosystem for the real world.EB Build is our patent pending blockchain platform that is the backbone of EBI’s blockchain & trust ecosystem.  EB Build can be thought of as the “razor” on which we build applications (“razor blades”).

Unlike traditional blockchains, EB Build is “queryable” and uses a proprietary consensus algorithm.  These advances offer advantages over traditional approaches such as allowing data to be added and retrieved from the chain in real-time.

Build your business with EB Advise

Provide blockchain solutions, programs, and processes that meet the unique needs of your customers.

EB Advise provides expert consulting services across all aspects of blockchain to assist customers exploring the use of blockchain to solve real-world business problems. Through architecture, digital design, and development, we serve our clients in their search for innovative blockchain solutions that are ready for the market and address real business problems.

Control access to data and intellectual property with EB Control

Enable large and small businesses, to maintain control of their data no matter where it goes or who they share it with using EB Control.  Thank for your interest in becoming a part of our reseller network.  Interested in becoming a reseller or distributor for EB Control. Visit our EB Control Partner page.


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