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From helping you achieve carbon neutrality to ensuring the rights of data ownership, Everything Blockchain delivers practical blockchain solutions that help make blockchain real for everyone.

EB Advise

Supporting our customers in their search for innovative blockchain solutions that are market ready and address real business problems.

EB Build

Our basic building block for developing blockchain applications that solve real-world problems.

EB Control

We ensure your data always stays in your control no matter where it goes or who you share it with. (Forever).


Our mission

At Everything Blockchain, we want to help you get the most out of blockchain. Whether you’re a business owner, technologist, or an everyday consumer, we believe that you can make our world more secure, accessible, and connected with blockchain technology.


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Cities of the future

Ensure the integrity of the many interconnected and interdependent systems in our cities cannot be compromised.

ESG / Net Zero

Create a permanent real-time audit trail from IoT sensors to measure methane gas output and meet ESG goals.

Data rights management

Retain perpetual control over your intellectual property with full confidence in its security and intended use.

Supply chain management

Build and control the transparency of supply chains, from origin to delivery, by tracing ownership and material history.