Data Solutions, Built to
Accelerate Business.

At Everything Blockchain, we store, manage and protect data.


Regain control. Unchain your potential.

We offer solutions that transform enterprise data-management capabilities. Increased efficiency, super-charged performance and all with government grade security.

EB Advise

Optimize your data strategy for maximum efficiency, performance, and security.


Our revolutionary database platform that is disrupting the no-SQL landscape.

EB Control

We ensure your data always stays in your control no matter where it goes or who you share it with. (Forever).


Our mission

At EBi, our goal is to set a new standard for enterprise-grade data solutions, to drive resiliency and security and reduce costs to meet the new demands of business.


What we do

Everything Blockchain is at the vanguard of modern data solutions.


Our approach allows you to build, optimize and scale the products & services of the future.


Protect your most valuable assets with military-grade security and never-before-seen levels of agility.


Store, share and scale your assets in an environment that puts inter-operability and security and the forefront.


Let's craft an integrated strategy to accelerate your digital transformation, modernise your architecture and accelerate your mission.

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