The fusion of blockchain and next generation database technology.

BuildDB, the company’s patent-pending blockchain platform, serves as the backbone of Everything Blockchain’s proprietary blockchain and trust ecosystem. BuildDB combines the immutability of blockchain with the scale and flexibility of noSQL and more. Our Green Indexable Block Storage (GIBS) is the only queryable, indexable, and filterable  blockchain on the market and, combined with our patent-pending consensus algorithm,  enables the search for specific data points (or a particular block); returning results within milliseconds.


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From helping you achieve carbon neutrality to ensuring the rights of data ownership, Everything Blockchain delivers practical blockchain solutions that help make blockchain real for everyone.


No repetitive searches. Instantly locate specific blocks within a ledger.


Operate at the speed of business in less than single digit milliseconds


Use a familiar SQL-like dialect to query blockchain data in real-time.


Leverage less compute while acquiring more computing power.


Immutable zero-trust wrapped around each block within a ledger.


Support any schemeless data payload specific to your business.

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The blockchain to create nimble, efficient real-world applications

When building an enterprise application, you need an enterprise architecture that encompasses cross-cutting concerns. BuildDB provides all of the requisite cross-cutting concerns without compromising performance.

Never worry again about legitimate users compromising your data

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