Everything Blockchain Embraces Blockchain Technologies and Decentralized Computing

May 4, 2020 •

Fleming Island, FL– (May 4, 2020) – Everything Blockchain, Inc. (formerly OBITX, Inc.) (OTCMKTS: OBTX) shareholders were addressed by the Company’s CEO/CFO Michael Hawkins.

To our shareholders:

The past couple of weeks have been a busy time for our Company. With the recent turnover in our executive team, we are at the forefront of a paradigm shift on how we view our business. We are discontinuing our broad-based operations belief where sales would be generated by social media and marketing software via web search logics and personalized marketing. We will laser focus on our core competency brought by our new management team of blockchain technologies and decentralized computing.

The Company has spent the last few years attempting to launch software in marketing and social media that has never been effectively operational, which is evident by our recording zero revenue in the fiscal year ending January 31, 2020. While resources were expended, revenue was not recorded. We are expecting to record losses of $2.6 million and $2.1 million for the years ending January 31, 2020 and 2019, respectively.

We have reach settlement agreements with all former officers and directors, except for the former CEO. In addition, we agreed to return the social media software to MCIG, Inc., in exchange for the forgiveness of the debt the Company owed to MCIG, and the conversion of 5,000,000 shares of its OBITX common stock into 500,000 shares of Series B Preferred stock with a minimum 18 month conversion right. Subsequently we terminated the line of credit agreement with MCIG, Inc.

The good news is, the past has been addressed, we have self-corrected, and we are positioned to move forward with new leadership and purpose. With a virtual clean slate, we are free to focus on the growth of our business opportunities in blockchain technologies.

Where do we go from here:

Our new mantra… EVERYTHING BLOCKCHAIN! Our focus is going to be centered in the blockchain industry. Just in the past couple days we have seen a tremendous surge in blockchain publicity across the world as BitCoin is poised for its halvening in just a couple weeks. Truly exciting times! Our management team and personnel will be focused on providing services, solutions, and consulting in blockchain development. With skilled personnel in FinCen, security, healthcare, decentralized processing, and infrastructure on technologies, we have developed unique processes and services that are tailored to clients and their business models, goals, and desires. We will work with companies and individuals looking to enter this cryptic society and help them navigate through the process.

I encourage our shareholders to continue to watch for upcoming news as we begin to expand operations both nationally and internationally.

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About Everything Blockchain (formerly OBITX):

Headquartered in Fleming Island, Florida, OBITX, Inc., (OTCMKTS: OBTX) is a consulting and services organization specializing in blockchain technologies and decentralized processing.

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