Everything Blockchain Launches Channel Program

June 15, 2022 •

Jacksonville, Fla. – June 15, 2022 – Everything Blockchain Inc. (OTC:OBTX), today announced the launch of its channel program to deliver EB Control, an innovative data protection solution for small and midsized businesses who need to confidently share proprietary and sensitive information, through its subsidiary, Vengar Technologies.  

Data is a company’s most valuable asset. Its abuse and misuse can cost a company its credibility, revenue and even force them to close their doors. Everything Blockchain believes that current data protection solutions are too expensive for most companies and are too challenging to implement and use.  

Everything Blockchain’s channel program will deliver to the market a simple, intuitive and cost-effective software application for data protection. Partners engaged in the program will be able to provide their customers with a product that offers military-grade encryption, without the labor required to define rules or manage keys. Companies who use EB Control will retain total control over the data they own, regardless of where it travels once it leaves their possession for the remainder of the data’s lifetime.

“We are proud to provide our partners with a fresh take on data protection that does not prohibit data sharing—but rather, confidently encourages it with customizable controls,” said Robert Huffman, Channel Program Director. “The channel is the best way to ensure that EB Control is available to as many organizations as possible so they can  protect their intellectual property against insider threats, third-party breaches or human error.”

Channel program partners will receive benefits such as opportunity registration and protection, co-marketing support, competitive pricing assistance and early access to product updates. EB Control for Business is only available through the Vengar Technologies Channel Program. Learn more about the EB Control Channel Partner Program.

About Everything Blockchain, Inc.
Everything Blockchain, Inc. (OTCMKTS: OBTX) envisions a future where every transaction is trusted and blockchain is used to meet ESG goals, support cities of the future, build and control the transparency of supply chains and ensure the rights of data ownership sustain forever. The company’s patent-pending advances in blockchain engineering deliver the essential elements needed for real-world business use: speed, security, and energy efficiency. Current sub-brands include: EB Advise, EB Block and EB Control. For more information, please visit https://everythingblockchain.c7jax.com/

About Vengar Technologies LLC

Vengar Technologies, LLC, an Everything Blockchain Inc. company, is a pioneer in bringing zero-trust concepts to data security. The company’s solution, EB Control, merges military-grade encryption, multi-factored authentication, geo-fencing, time-fencing and digital rights management (DRM) technologies to provide users with perpetual control of the data they choose to share. EB Control’s intuitive, simple platform empowers users to take back control of their data security. Forever. For more information, please visit: https:/www.ebcontrol.io/

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