Everything Blockchain Inc., Announces EB Build’s Debut on the AWS Marketplace

December 12, 2022 •

EB Build Revolutionizes the Blockchain and Database Industries
Jacksonville, Florida, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Everything Blockchain Inc., (OTCMKTS: EBZT), a technology company that enables real-world use of blockchain to solve critical business issues, announced the debut of EB Build (EBB), a patent-pending solution that merges blockchain and database technologies, on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

“EBB is blazing the path for the rest of the blockchain industry, taking security and immutability to the next level and fusing this capability to a event-based database system.,” explained Cedric Harris, Chief Research Officer, Everything Blockchain, Inc.

Typical blockchain architectures are public and permissionless and underpin crypto and similar projects. EBB is a different animal. It is a private, centralized, and highly secure blockchain resulting in a next-generation database solution that provides scalable blockchain-based data storage for real world business applications. Current generation database technology is fraught with problems at large scale such as reduced speed and data throttling due to connection exhaustion. EBB solves such problems while adding the security and data immutability inherent in blockchain. EB Build can reduce costs by up to 40% over alternative data storage solutions which makes combating the escalating costs of the cloud a fiscally sustainable option.

“With EBB, we have inverted the communication between the data and the database which solves the throughput and speed problems at scale,” added Cedric. “At the same time, by integrating the database and blockchain technologies, users don’t have to add their own security to the database, because our solution automatically provides security and data immutability. We wrap zero-trust around every record.”

AWS is a leading cloud provider that has a comprehensive vetting process to ensure seamless integration for any solution in its marketplace. “Most blockchain solutions are more akin to “kits” that must be assembled before use. EBB is ready to use right out of the box,” said Toney Jennings, CEO, Everything Blockchain, Inc. “AWS provides an easy and cost-effective way for any company to acquire and deploy EBB. Additionally, the AWS marketplace is extensive and allows us access to an unlimited global audience. EBB serves as a cornerstone in Everything Blockchain’s promise to deliver practical blockchain solutions that solve real-world business problems.”

For more information about EBI, visit everythingblockchain.io.

About Everything Blockchain Inc.
Everything Blockchain, Inc. (OTCMKTS: EBZT) envisions a future where every transaction is trusted and blockchain is used to meet ESG goals, support cities of the future, build and control the transparency of supply chains and ensure the rights of data ownership sustain forever. The company’s patent-pending advances in blockchain engineering deliver the essential elements needed for real-world business use: speed, security, and energy efficiency. Current sub-brands include: EB Advise, EB Build and EB Control. For more information, please visit https://www.everythingblockchain.io/

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